Textile snow chains - designed for ice and snow!
brak zdjęcia

Snow and ice are pleasant but only when you are skiing or skating during your free time. There are many situations when those two are not welcomed, especially on the roads! For better safety of the drivers and other road users, Autosock invented amazing textile snow chains. This product can be used on cars, vans, buses and trucks. Unlike traditional snow chains, socks designed by Autosock have many advantages. First of all you don"t need to be very experienced to mount them. Putting on and removing them takes only a minute. Can you imagine mounting traditional snow chains in such a short time? Impossible! Although textile snow chains are made form material, they are extremely durable and reusable. After using them you simply put them to washing machine. Additionally you can store them in your car (they fit under the seats!). This product is recommended by customers and experts in many countries. Don"t wait and check more details about this product.